Sambhali Trust

Reclaiming empowerment, dignity, self-confidence and worth. 

The Sambhali Trust works to provide education, financial aid and counselling to the women of the Dalit caste in Rajasthan. In India there is a ridged social class system and the Dalits are considered at the bottom. Facing violence and discrimination from other castes, they are stuck in a cycle of poverty with women suffering the most.

The Sambhali Trust has 19 projects aimed at allowing women to overcome poverty and gender stereotypes. Working as an NGO, the charity is battling the barriers of the social exclusion to give the women and children access to education, health and legal resources. Sambhali has set up nine Empowerment Centres that teach women English and numeracy skills that they can use in jobs and for supporting their families. 

Wilstone is deeply committed to helping the Sambhali Trust in its cause and are working towards an Empowerment Centre. With your help, we aim to raise enough money to help develop another centre, which will provide a new way of life for many disadvantaged women. We sell beautifully, hand crafted Sambhali products in our retail shop and often do seasonal sales online with a percentage of the profits donated to the cause. Or you can donate in person here.

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