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Working with Sambhali Trust

For many years Wilstone has been working with the Sambhali Trust, which provides education, financial aid and counselling to the women of the Dalit caste in Rajasthan, India. The ladies at Sambhali Trust use their skills to make wonderful products that Wilstone then buy and bring back to our shop in Shropshire. It is an amazing selection of gifts made from hand-printed fabric, ranging from beautiful scarves to cute cuddly toys. Read more about how we work with this amazing organisation here.

Currently we are working on setting up a school to educate children off the street or from under-privileged families, that would not normally have access to schooling – they will get four hours of teaching and one good meal a day. The school will also be a place where children can build up their self-esteem and, if they want to, learn the skills to gain Apprenticeships with our suppliers in metal work, carpentry or other artisan professions. These opportunities will help them get off the streets, where there only option is a life of begging!

During these uncertain times all the Sambhali Trust Empowerment Centres, shop and main office in Jodhpur have had to close. All staff and volunteers have gone to surrounding villages in the Thar Desert where local people urgently need support. Food and basic provisions are in short supply in these areas. Wilstone have paid for several trucks full of food and medical supplies that the Sambhali Trust have gotten to these less-fortunate families – the target is to look after 200 vulnerable families until after the crisis has passed. 900 rupees, which is £10, will feed a family of six for 10 days – that’s only £1 a day! You can donate today through the Sambhali website.


All photos taken and owned by Veronika Goepfert/Switzerland

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