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We are an RHS Finalist!


The Obelisk Composter is uniquely designed to produce and feed organic compost straight into the soil, boosting the growth of your vegetable beds and the plants growing up the Obelisk and is a FINALIST for RHS Product of the Year at Chelsea Flower Show 2019!

  • Stylish, functional and practical design 
  • Sits directly in the vegetable or flower bed 
  • Simplifies the process of composting 
  • Robust, elegant Obelisk for supporting plants 
  • Suitable for small town gardens or large vegetable plots 
  • Handmade from galvanised mild steel and solid 8mm bar for a long life 
  • Completely recyclable

Using permaculture principles, compostable waste is fed directly into the drum so the worms can work their magic. The resulting compost then feeds directly into their roots.

Place the Obelisk over the top and grow runner beans, sweet peas or your favourite climbing plants, whilst being fed nutrients from the composter. At the end of the season clear away any plants, lift off the Obelisk and empty the Composter by simply removing the drum and forking in your homemade compost.

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